THE mum of a 22-year-old Hillsborough victim said his grandchildren have been brought up to know all about him even though they were ‘cruelly’ never given the opportunity to meet him.

David Benson, of Hall Nook, Penketh, was one of 96 football fans who never returned home from Liverpool’s FA Cup semi final at Hillsborough.

The inquest into the tragedy heard on Friday from David’s mum Gloria who said her most precious memories with her son was time spent in their caravan in North Wales.

She added the keen fisherman played football in the Runcorn open-age league which still plays for the David Benson Memorial Trophy every year.

After leaving school, David worked as a commercial trainee in a timber company in Widnes.where he met his partner Lesley.

Their daughter Kirsty was two-years-old when David died.

Mrs Benson added when Kirsty got married, her first dance was with her uncle Paul (David’s twin brother) to Luther Vandross 'Dance with my father again'.

Mrs Benson said: "Kirsty is now 27 and has two children of her own.

“David would have been so proud of his daughter and his grandchildren.

"To this day, David is sorely missed by all his family.

“Cody and Finn, his grandchildren, are being brought up to know all about Hillsborough and their granddad, David, who was so cruelly taken away before they even got a chance to meet and know him."

The hearing has now been adjourned until May 20.