A BANNED driver caught losing control of a car had taken a cocktail of drugs, a court heard.

Michael Shaun Boardman, aged 24, of Barmouth Close, Callands, was driving illegally when stopped by officers from Cheshire Police at 3.15am.

Tests showed he had taken substances including cocaine, amphetamine and cannabis.

The defendant’s Vauxhall Vectra was seen on Poplars Avenue, Orford, by police in an unmarked car, when it mounted the curb.

Richard Sealy, prosecuting, said Boardman, wearing shorts, t-shirt and flat cap, tried to walk off and dump the car keys.

Police collared him and administered a road side test to check for drug influence.

The incident happened on September 30, last year.

Boardman initially denied driving while unfit through drugs, but pleaded guilty on the day of trial on April 4.

He had earlier admitted driving while banned, and with no insurance.

Boardman, who is on benefits, has previous convictions for assault and attempting to possess cocaine worth £500.

Gary Heaven, defending, said: “It was the early hours of the morning - there would have been little on the road at that time.

“He had been at a party on Saturday night at which, I dare say, wasn’t the only one taking drugs.”

The court heard the recent birth of Boardman’s son has resulted in a ‘perceptible change’ in attitude.

Sue Dodd, chair of the bench, warned him he faced his son telling people his dad is in prison, if he does not stop offending.

The defendant was sentenced to 200 hours unpaid work and banned from driving for three years.