THE plans to survey parts of Glazebury for potential fracking have been met with widespread anger from figures in politics from the area.

Paul Campell, Conservative candidate for Culcheth, Glazebury and Croft, said: “Having just found out about this proposal to carry out drilling/survey work for gas potential in the Glazebury area this autumn I am very worried as will Glazebury residents of the on-going effect on the local community.

“Like local residents I am worried how this will impact on a quiet scenic area and the inevitable increase in traffic and other issues that I have no doubt will arise affecting the wider local community. I will be writing to the company and Warrington Borough Council requesting full clarification of this proposed work.”

In a joint statement, Labour candidate for Culcheth, Glazebury and Croft Matt Smith and Clr Chris Vobe said: “We oppose these plans and are very concerned at the impact on the community of Glazebury.

“What is particularly disheartening is that, last year, the Conservative MP for South Warrington called for our town to become the fracking capital of the north west.

“It is statements like this which encourage companies like TESLA and turn their attention to our area and put communities like Glazebury at risk.”

Warrington Friends of the Earth contacted TESLA and when they asked who they considered stakeholders to be were told “Don’t be silly. I know you’re writing all this down” and refused to say anything.

Dina Baird from the group added: “Warrington already faces serious flooding threats linked to climate change and if we do nothing, the consequences for us and for people around the world will be devastating. Digging for dirty fossil fuels just makes it worse. We could be creating our own positive solution.

“The Government admits shale gas and coal bed methane development could have significant impacts on local people and the environment, while experts say they won’t bring down energy bills and BP have admitted that switching to shale gas will do little to cut emissions.”