A WHITECROSS campaigner against hate crime stopped off to meet the Prime Minister as part of a tour of the UK.

Wheelchair athlete Adrian Derbyshire was invited by Warrington South MP David Mowat to a reception at 10 Downing Street celebrating the work of community volunteers.

Speaking after the event, Mr Derbyshire said: “It was an honour to meet the Prime Minister and tell him about my campaign. We continue to educate young people about what hate crime is.

“It’s the effects that it has on its victims that really needs to be told. Children and adults living in our communities need to understand that a simple throwaway comment could have a significant negative impact on another person’s life, to the point where that person fears going out, become isolated, depressed or potentially starts thinking about self-harm or suicide.”

David Mowat MP added: “There were a number of people from Warrington that I could have invited to this event, who do excellent work in the community. However, Adrian stood out because of the challenges he has already had to overcome and the passion which he puts into his campaigning.

“I was proud to introduce Adrian to the Prime Minister and I hope that his campaign continues to go from strength to strength.”