THE future for a tea company in the town is looking rosy as the national drink finds a new lease of life as a healthy drop.

Warrington South MP David Mowat added his support to Thelwall based Charbrew as it expands to more retailers.

Mr Mowat said: “It’s amazing what you find when you go round businesses in the area.

“It’s an interesting company model as it’s a virtual company. To get a turnover of £500,000 from nothing in a few years generates jobs, prosperity, opportunity and tea.”

Charbrew was set up by Adam Soliman from his bedroom and has expanded seeing him move into his base on Stockport Road.

The 26-year-old said: “With the brand we want to be for health conscious consumers moving away from caffeine teas and into fruit and herbal teas.

“We wanted to be different in the category so we pick blends people have been familiar with but are different in the tea market like strawberries and cream.”

And since moving to Warrington Adam has seen the business grow with a deal with Tesco to sell teas from 230 of its stores.

Warrington Guardian: Future rosey for Thelwall tea firm

Mark Thomas from Tesco said: “Tesco can help companies like Charbrew so they would need more employees. Adam’s business is emerging so hopefully we will be part of that success story.”

And now Charbrew, which also sells a range of English breakfast teas catering to American tastes across the US, is expanding further with its range of herbal teas.

Warrington Guardian: Future rosey for Thelwall tea firm

Adam added: “Tesco has been fantastic in helping us launch and we have just had a new supplied in the US sign up and will be selling in Holland and Barratts.”

As Warrington this week heard about the huge growth of the industrial building sector as part of the property review smaller businesses like Charbrew also show how Warrington is fairing better than many other towns.

Warrington Guardian:

Mr Mowat added: “Because of where Warrington is located it’s an attractive place for businesses. Outside of London Warrington has the most business start ups of any city in the UK.”

While the town’s quick links to London and central north west location were a major factor in helping him choose Warrington as the regional base for his business.

Visit to watch the people of Warrington get their tastebuds around some of Charbrew’s exotic flavours.