THESE ice cream sellers have got 99 problems but their flakes ain’t one.

Amused residents in Great Sankey were whipped into a Facebook frenzy as not one but four ice cream vans pitched up at the housing estate near Blakehill Drive and in Chapelford over the Easter bank holiday.

No doubt the first van thought he had the competition licked before the others feared backing down and looking like Mr Softee.

Police confirmed they were called at 5.40pm to the incident on Sunday after reports one van had been blocked in by the others in a dispute over whose patch it was.

Sergeant Gordon Jack from Warrington West NPU added: “They were advised to liase with the council to clear matters up and then they were all sent on their way.”

Witness Karen Mercer said her husband thought she was joking when four ice cream vans pulled up outside their house in Chapelford. 

She added: "I saw the usual guy and it was hilarious as another one turned up, then another, then another."  

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