THE owner of Orford Farm has announced the former fetish sex club is to be redeveloped into a retirement home.

Allan Doig wants to build 33, one bedroom, apartments for people aged over 60 at the site on School Road.

He said: “I want to knock everything down and start again.”

As revealed exclusively by the Warrington Guardian, the old barn was previously used as an adult swingers venue for sado masochistic parties.

It featured rooms including a dungeon, pigsty and head teacher’s study until a fire destroyed it in 2012, causing £500,000 worth of damage.

Mr Doig, an electrician from the Midlands who also develops property, says he has been aiming to redevelop the site since 2007.

However, he claims Warrington Borough Council has been opposed to any planning proposals due to concerns over wildlife habitats located at the site.

Mr Doig says he has not been allowed to put up fences, or secure the property, due to planning wrangles, and is concerned further vandalism will take place.

“The council isn’t in any rush,” he said.

“I need permission to build anything over a metre high.”

There have been several fires at Orford Farm since it was rendered derelict, the last happening on March 29.

Police say youths have also been reported as causing anti-social behaviour there.

A council spokesman said advice on planning issues has been provided, and further applications will be considered.

“The council has offered the owner pre application advice in terms of a revised and further planning application.

“We have also advised the owner to undertake appropriate ecology surveys at the correct time of year, which is at the beginning of May.

“Subject to the findings of the surveys the owner should be in a position to submit a planning application within a very short period of time, probably within a few weeks.

“The council will deal with any planning application as quickly as possible subject to public consultation.

“In the interim, the owner is responsible for ensuring that appropriate measures are in place to secure the site and to keep in a tidy manner.”