ORGANISERS of an event that saw vegetable lovers attempt to eat the most Brussels sprouts in a minute ever recorded have claimed the world record tumbled in Warrington on Saturday.

Orford Hotel, Gorsey Lane, hosted the Guiness World Record attempt, with participants devouring as many sprouts as they could in 60 seconds.

Landlord Chris Barrall said three men, from a field of 13, smashed the existing record, believed to be 31.

He claimed two competitors managed 40 inside the time limit, with another eating 37.

A video of the event has been sent to, where officials will decide whether to upload it online.

Chris, who has run the pub for two years, said: “They will have a look at the video and if they are happy, will use it on their website.

“The event went really well - it was a proper dollop of fun.”