GENEROUS friends of a teenager left heartbroken after his ‘pride and joy’ bike was stolen have clubbed together to buy a new one.

The new bike has been given to Dean Walker, aged 15, of Barmouth Close, Callands.

It was bought by Stu Gaffney, a coach at children’s rugby league group Rugby Minis in Widnes, where Dean volunteers.

Stu’s business partner Liam Smith also chipped in.

Dean, who uses the bike to travel to Widnes to volunteer, said: “I’m really pleased.

“In a world where your bike gets robbed there are still some generous people.

“The money has come out of their own pockets, and they could’ve spent it on something they wanted, so it’s just a massive thanks to all of them.”

The St Gregory’s High School pupil was left devastated when his old bike, the last present from granddad Colin before he died in November last year, was stolen.

The £470 mountain bike was taken from the rear garden of Dean’s home.