THE family of a seven-year-old boy, who found out he had leukaemia in a shock diagnosis, are raising money for the hospital team who have helped him onto the road to recovery.

Kian Edwards, of Blackledge Close, Cinnamon Brow, is beginning to get better after beginning an intensive course of chemotherapy that will last for three years.

However, the Cinnamon Brow Primary School pupil remains ‘very poorly’, according to mum Tammy Edwards, with day care needed at hospital as Kian is at high risk from infection.

The bubbly youngster was diagnosed with cancer on October 20 after numerous trips to the doctors due to frequent bouts of lethargy.

Tammy thought her son was ill, but had ‘no idea’ of the ‘devastating’ news that was about to be revealed.

She said: “I knew something more serious was going on but the doctor was reluctant to do a blood test.

“He was really lethargic so I took him to A and E at Warrington Hospital.

“They admitted him and after doing a blood test he was referred to Alder Hey straight away where they did an eight hour blood transfusion.

“The doctors called me into a room and I thought they were going to say it’s anaemia.

“When they told me it was leukaemia in his bone marrow, I was devastated.

“I thought I was going to lose him.”

But after daily hospital treatment, Kian, who loves fishing and bike rides, is showing signs of improvement.

In between the ‘continuous’ care of her son, Tammy has set up Kian’s Journey, a campaign to raise money for research into cancer at Alder Hey Hospital’s childrens’ oncology ward.

“There is hope for us but with all the hospital visits it sometimes doesn’t seem like there is any benefit,” added the mum-of-four.

“Kian has been very brave.

“We want to help with research so that parents are aware of the danger signs to look out for.”

A fundraiser has been organised at Cinnamon Brow Farm Club, Perth Close, on May 4.

The fun day, which includes a fairground, starts at 1pm.

Proceeds are going to Kian’s Journey.

For more information search Kian’s Journey Edwards on Facebook.