ROADWORKS are causing havoc for small Penketh businesses, as trading is set to be disrupted for the rest of the month.

Paula Carroll, owner of florist Molly Blooms, based on Honiton Way, has claimed it may drive her eight-month old business out of action.

The roadworks, which began last Monday, April 7, have blocked off St Mary’s Road leaving it difficult for customers to access shops on Honiton Square.

Paula said: “I am scared. In our first week of opening we had more customers than we have had in this week – it has been an all-time low.

“It’s difficult for people to get to the shop as they have to either a cut-through not many people know about, or a long diversion and I think people are just thinking, ‘I won’t bother’.

“I am not blaming the council as it needed doing, but I might lose my business over this.”

Mr Fairhurst, of Fairhurst Butchers, also recognised that the ongoing roadworks are essential and remains relaxed about the temporary inconvenience.

“The work needed doing because the state of the road was a mess with all of the potholes,” he said.

“It is awkward and it has been a bit quiet. I’ve had people complaining that it is ‘murder’ to get round to the shops at the moment.

“But it’s hard to blame it on one thing – maybe the school holidays have a part to play in it being quieter than usual as well.

“We’ve just got to get on with it and, hopefully, the works will move up the road in the next week or so and we’ll be back to normal.”

A council spokesman said: “This four week scheme has been split into two phases to minimise disruption to residents and traders.

“Access to Honiton Way is currently available from all roads except Greystone and Tiverton Road.

“In the second phase of work, to start on April 22, Honiton Way will be available from all roads except Jubilee Avenue and Withycombe Road.

“The council apologises for any inconvenience during essential maintenance to roads in this area.”