WARRINGTON Borough Council is leading the way in planning for extreme weather events say councillors.

The authority’s own extreme weather task group has been attracting attention from across the country said Clr Linda Dirir, who leads the group.

And in 2013/14 Warrington suffered melting roads, tidal floods and extreme winds leaving the group with much to examine.

Speaking to Monday’s executive board meeting Clr Dirir, executive board member for highways, transport and climate change, said: “We are on the front foot in Warrington with this.

“We have had a lot of external interest in this group and how we set it up and why.

“We decided to look at extreme weather events way before they hit home with the floods last year and this year.

“This group was a valuable group when it was the winter review group but it was only looking at bad winters.

“It did a lot of good work but a year ago we changed it to a wider remit.”

In the past year the widening remit has helped the group look at a wider range of issues, rather than just winter issues such as snow and ice and the associated problems.

“We have looked at extreme heat, flooding, wind and gales and it really has developed into a good working group,” added Clr Dirir.

“One of the best things that came out of this was the Warrington Declaration on climate change where we decided we would not be signing up to the Nottingham Declaration but having our own.”

The declaration is open to businesses, community groups and organisations in the town to pledge their support to tackle climate change in the town by becoming greener.