FOUR friends will test their golfing skills when they take to the green to raise money for Ethan Connolly, who was diagnosed with a lymphatic malformation shortly after he was born.

Ethan’s condition consists of cysts around his jaw line, air way and right eye, which have caused disfigurement to his face.

Each year, the nine-year-old, from Penketh, needs three to four operations but, with the NHS not able to cover the cost, funding is running out.

Rob Grace, aged 45, Keith Dooley, aged 47, Paul Rimmer, aged 42 and Tom Rotherham, aged 27, will take on the longest day challenge on June 21 where they will aim to play four rounds of golf from 4.30am to 10pm.

All proceeds raised will help fund Ethan’s treatment.

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