A DRUNK teenager without a driving licence crashed his landlady’s car into a wall after selecting first gear instead of reverse.

Jake Hewitt, aged 18, of Wilderspool Causeway, pleaded guilty to aggravated vehicle taking and driving without a licence or insurance at Halton Magistrates Court on Thursday.

It heard how Hewitt was living at an address on Knutsford Road, Grappenhall, when the incident happened overnight between February 21 and 22.

He moved the car without permission to allow a friend to park a car next to it.

But Hewitt had been drinking and lost control, writing off the Citroen C1, worth £2,700, when crashing it into the wall.

The court heard he thought the car was in reverse, but then ploughed forward.

Alison Warburton, prosecuting, said the defendant rented a room at the property from the female owner, who parked her car at the rear.

The key to the Citroen C1 was kept in the kitchen, with the victim waking up on February 22 to find the car damaged.

“She went to speak to the defendant, said Mrs Warburton.

“He said sorry.

“The defendant said he would get his father to pay for it, asking her not to report it to police and saying he would pay more than it’s worth.”

Hewitt, who is on benefits but hopes to gain employment soon, was arrested on March 24.

He admitted taking the car without permission, and being drunk.

The court heard the defendant, who has a provisional licence and ‘could not drive’, ‘deeply regrets’ being ‘foolish and stupid’.

District Judge Bridget Knight said: “This was a very foolish and ill-advised night.

“It was a decision you made to move the vehicle, and these are the consequences, very expensive indeed.”

Hewitt was told to pay £655 in fines, compensation and costs.

He was also banned from driving for 12 months.