1 A night at Mr Smith’s

From the Hit Man and Her to a chance to dance with Stan. Everyone has a favourite memory from a night at Mr Smith’s. Even Rick Astley

Warrington Guardian:

2 Having the day off school or work for Walking Day

Admit it, you probably didn’t walk and maybe only arrive in town after most of the parade had finished. But a day off in June is always good, and where else can you buy a novelty balloon shaped like Thomas the Tank or drink on a Friday afternoon?

Warrington Guardian:

3 A trip to the Mississippi Showboat

It is not exactly Miami Vice (although lots of people dressed like it was) and it was out on Howley but who could forget the showboat (or Secrets) – until it burned down in mysterious circumstances.... And who could forget The Carlton or The World?

Warrington Guardian:

4 Vodka from Varrington

Before Warrington was known as the home of Ikea, you could guarantee people you didn’t know but found out you were from Warrington would shout Vladivar Vodka from Varrington at you.

5 Wilderspool

Yes, we know, it is still there. But watching a game, packed into the Fletcher End in the freezing cold always provided great memories. Who needed toilets when there was a perfectly good wall?

Warrington Guardian:

6 The Odeon on Buttermarket Street

It is all well and good going to Westbrook, but there was a time when at least one cinema remained standing in Warrington town centre (and that is forgetting the ABC and Ritz). And you could get ice cream after the cartoons and before the main show

Warrington Guardian:

7 Woolworths

Where do you go to get your passport photo taken or go to nick some pick n mix now the Sankey Street store is shut?

Warrington Guardian:

8 The Hoagie Wagon

Bridge Street has a plentiful supply of fast food takeaways but nothing to compare with the Hoagie – or was it Hogey? Chips, burgers and milkshakes – the perfect end to the night. Ken’s opposite Central Station also gets an honourable mention for its hot dogs!

Warrington Guardian: The Burger has been  Off my menu for a long time

9 Warrington Baths

Orford Park might be shiny and new but there was something special about Warrington Baths. Being taught swimming by Sunny Lowry and changing just metres from the edge of the pool added to its character!

Warrington Guardian:

10 Hanging round McDonalds on Bridge Street

Before drive thrus, where else could you go to see your friends on a Saturday afternoon on a bus trip to town?

Warrington Guardian:

11. Warrington Festival

Those balmy couple of weeks in the summer when star acts like Brotherhood Of Man would appear at the Parr Hall, and there would be a convoy of floats between town and Victoria Park giving away promotional freebies like paper hats and cans of Labatts lager.

Warrington Guardian:

12. Winter weather

When it got so bad that school heating systems would break down regularly and we would be sent home, usually to play out and create skid patches on the ice - spending hours sliding several metres over and over again

Warrington Guardian:

13. The roller rink!

Strapping on the skates and waltzing around like a champion, trying your best not to end up on your rear end in front of your pals.