MARRIED life is treating the Skelton-Myler household well so far according to the happy couple after they tied the knot in December last year.

Daredevil Helen described her Warrington Wolves hubby as a modern man and housewife doing the cooking and cleaning while she is away filming in London and admits the topic of conversation with fellow commuters on the train often turns to all things primrose and blue-related.

She added: “I’m always travelling up and down to London and people always ask me now about Warrington.

“There’s lots of work to do with the house so we’re looking forward to getting that done and getting our dog (former Blue Peter pet Barney) moved in with us.”

The pair added they both had big families and enjoyed spending their wedding day with them including their highlight of the night...prop Garreth Carvell rapping.

Former teammate Richie added: “We had a live band and then he suddenly got up and started doing Rapper’s Delight.

“It was a total surprise but it was brilliant.”