TWO local charities have united as one to provide more specialised care to residents in Warrington.

Warrington Community Care has been merged with not for profit organisation Warrington Community Living.

The group, which provides specialised mental health services, has been moved under the umbrella of Warrington Community Living, which provides services for people with learning disabilities, the elderly and those suffering with dementia.

Dave Matthews, chief executive of former organisation Warrington Community Care said: “Looking ahead we are pleased to be merging with Warrington Community Living as we consider that this will help the merged organisations deliver more cost effective, diverse and even better services in the future.”

The logic behind the merger is to make it simpler for those with more diverse needs to gain access to necessary information and services, which will now be combined.

Chief executive of Warrington Community Living, Michael Sheppard added: “We are very pleased to be able to bring together two local, social care charities that over the past 25 years have worked hard to support a range of people in Warrington.”