BUILDING site abandoned after builders went into administration is a danger says a Bewsey councillor.

Clr Pat Wright (LAB - Bewsey and Whitecross) has raised concerns about the state of land off Lodge Lane close to Bewsey Pumping Station, where United Utilities have been working on.

Fencing around the site which leads on to Sankey Valley Park has been broken down and Clr Wright believes it can pose a risk to walkers and particularly young children who have been seen going in to the site.

Clr Wright said: “It’s a mess and an eyesore. We have Bewsey and Dallam as a priority and they leave the site looking like that.

“They have protective fencing up but that is around the pumping station, but this is on the perimeter.

“There is a deep crevice and if they fall down there it is worrying the damage it could do.”

United Utilities said the contractor working on the site went into administration and had to delay restarting work for legal reasons.

But Clr Wright said safety should be the company’s first priority.

“I know they have had problems with contractors but it’s dangerous,” she added. “That path is also regularly used by residents for walking their dog and by families getting on to Sankey Valley Park.”

Mark Donaghy, a spokesman for United Utilities, said: “We’re really sorry the site at our new pumping station is looking untidy.

“A new partner has now been appointed, who will get the site looking smarter over the next three weeks. We will then continue with our planned reinstatement, planting trees and grass seeds which will help the site blend into the woodland area.

“The fence around the perimeter of the site has unfortunately been vandalised but we put up a new fence around the pumping station itself two weeks ago.”