THERE Asda be just one way to celebrate your 18th birthday for James Corker.

The teenager was treated to a party by staff at the Asda Distribution Warehouse, on Dallam Lane, on his big day yesterday, Wednesday.

James, who has autism, has become one of the team at the centre after word of his trips to take pictures of his beloved Asda lorries got to managers there.

His mum Gillian Price said: “He’s been Asda mad since a child.

“We were just taking photos outside and a security man called Jason came over and asked what we were doing and I explained James loves Asda.

“By the following Wednesday we were walking around the distribution centre.

“They kitted him up with a uniform and he has a name badge and a card that gets him into the warehouse.

“Every Saturday we visit for one and a half hours and we come and sit in the transport office.”

And so well known is James, from Sandymoor, now that lorry drivers will wave at him if they spot him while they are out on their rounds.

James was allowed the day off from his school, Cavendish High School in Runcorn, to come down to the base for the day.

“He was so giddy on the morning, he kept asking mum can we go?” added Gillian.

And as part of his birthday treat James was allowed to tag along on a delivery to the Asda store at Cockhedge.

Ella Healey, from Asda, said: “He first came two years ago and he’s like a part of the team now.

“He hands job tickets out to the drivers and tells them don’t be long - all our managers love James for that.

“He’s a god send and the way our colleagues are with him he’s a part of our family.

“We just wanted to do something for his 18th birthday.”