SHADOW Labour minister for childcare Lucy Powell dropped into Warrington on Saturday to back a new policy.

The MP joined Labour candidate for Warrington South Nick Bent and other supporters for a street stall at Market Gate.

The opposition is promising ‘wrap-around childcare’ from 8am to 6pm for all primary schoolchildren and an extra 10 hours a week (making a total of 25 hours) of free nursery hours for all three and four year olds for working families.

In Warrington, a total of 1,700 young children aged three and four would be entitled to the 25 hours of free nursery care.

Lucy Powell MP said: “Families in Warrington face a cost of living crisis of David Cameron’s making, yet millionaires are getting tax breaks from the Tories.”

Nick Bent commented: “Labour’s pledge to extend free nursery care to 25 hours will be worth more than £1,500 per year for parents of three and four year olds and this shows we are serious about helping families to boost their earnings and get on in life.”