PARKER Royle’s battle with cancer has touched the lives of many including 14-year-old Becky Corinaldi who decided to organise a sponsored swim to raise money in aid of the brave tot.

The Birchwood High School pupil was shocked to hear of Parker’s fight against a rare form of prostate cancer from his grandmother, who was an ICT teacher at the school.

The youngster was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma shortly after his first birthday and has spent the majority of his life in and out of hospital.

Becky, from Woolston, said: “It’s not fair that someone so young should suffer so much when many people just take living life and being healthy for granted.

“I just wanted to help however I can. I set out to raise £100 but have raised more than £350.”

Becky set herself the challenge of swimming 2 miles at Woolston Leisure Centre, which is 128 lengths of the main pool.

Despite being a member of the Warriors of Warrington swimming team, aged 10, she has not done much swimming since then.

“I expected it to take me about two hours but I had finished it in one hour 40 minutes. I felt really happy with myself after,” she said.

Becky, who has always enjoyed taking part in sports, is now urging other people to follow her lead for the worthy cause and raise money for Alder Hey Hospital, who provide life-changing care for children and provide invaluable support for their families.

“Parker is fighting for his life and his parents have been through so much. I’ve wanted to do something for a while and I’m glad I did.”

Parker has spent countless hours at Alder Hey and recently returned to the hospital after flying to Paris to have an operation to remove the tumour before having brachytherapy - a high dose of radiotherapy from within the prostate gland.

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