A FILM maker is relying on public help to fund a project which will see her film here in Warrington.

Claire Elshaw is using crowd sourcing - where people can donate money towards projects in return for exclusive gifts - to try and fund the film project.

The 32-year-old has been making films since graduating from university 10 years ago and has worked on videos for the NHS and Lancashire County Cricket Club’s charitable trust.

But this project, based on a fictional tale of two people seeking peace from the digital world, is a departure from Claire’s normal work on single angle basic films.

“This film is about a set of contrasting circumstances, personalities and outlooks on life,” added Claire, of Houston Gardens, Chapelford. “It’s also a film about the power of location and nature. We want to make this to tell a modern and exciting story, whilst also showcasing some of the talent in the north west and some fantastic scenery.”

Claire turned to crowd sourcing as a different way to fund the project.

She said: “It’s going to be very difficult to get someone to give you £2,000. Then someone suggested crowd funding as a way of putting lots of little bits of funding together.

“If we get the funding straight we are planning to film towards the end of May. A lot of film festivals start in autumn so we are aiming to have it ready for then.”

And the filming would include taking in sights including The Dream statue in neighbouring St Helens and Delgado’s in Penketh.

There are a range of packages should you wish to donate - ranging from thank you letters and updates of filming to getting the chance to play an extra in the film and attend its premiere.

If you would like to sponsor Claire click here.