HUNTING campaigners turned out in force in the town centre at the weekend calling on Warrington South MP David Mowat to ‘make up his mind’ on the issue.

Hunting with packs of dogs has been illegal since 2005 but the Fight Against Cameron’s Cruelty Trust (FACCT) group believe Prime Minister David Cameron will call a vote soon on changing the regulations.

The Cheshire group distributed 1,000 leaflets asking whether the MP will ‘reflect the views of the Warrington South voters he was elected to represent’.

Chris Clayton, from the group, said “MPs who support hunting are stuck in the past and out of touch with voters.

“We would like newer Conservative MPs like David Mowat to move on and focus on issues like jobs, education and the NHS, rather than using Parliamentary time to help David Cameron’s hunting friends.

“It’s up to David Mowat to tell the voters where he stands.”