THIS group of moggies have been purring with happiness after getting settled at their new home in Padgate.

The Cats Protection moved to the newly-built site on Elizabeth Drive in November and staff have said it is a far cry from their previous base on Slutchers Lane.

Claire Frangleton, senior cat care assistant, said: “The difference to the cats has been massive.

“In the past they have been scared and would stay outside but the new pens means it’s much easier to socialise with them.

“Kittens would also be really frightened the first time they saw a full person as a lot of the pens were at waist-height so they were not used to seeing a pair of legs.

“It’s much easier for people to get here too which all means the cats are ready to be homed much quicker.”

So far 134 cats have found new homes with the centre recording during one month double the number of animals finding owners than would usually be expected.

With 55 pens including six isolation pens for poorly moggies and six maternity pens housing kittens and one heavily pregnant pet who had been dumped in a cardboard box on Bennetts rec, the centre is packed with pussy cats looking for new owners.

Twelve-year-old Montague, who loves to sit on laps, is currently the centre’s longest resident after clocking up 124 days.

While podgy puss Alanna, who has previously appeared in the Warrington Guardian and now lost half a kilo after weighing in at 6.5kg, still needs to lose weight before she is ready to be rehomed.

A new meet and greet room has been helping cats like Montague, one-eyed cat Pudsey and fluffball Pugwash find new homes as prospective owners can also meet kittys outside of their pens.

Visitor Cath Noble was being introduced to a litter of kittens during her time in the room.

She added: “We had found a cat but sadly she chased the dog.

“The centre has been brilliant helping us and after visiting the old building there’s a huge improvement.”

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