ENDLESS queues, your foot aches from constantly easing on and off the clutch and you're fuming over the cheeky driver who cut in front of you...just a typical day if you have ever taken on the morning or evening rush hour in Warrington. 

In no partiuclar order, here is our top 10 roads that drive us round the bend. 

What do you think? Post your suggestions below. 

Bridge Foot

You have travelled over it hundreds of times but you still don’t know which lane you should be in

Warrington Guardian: Council bosses carry out Bridge Foot 'review'

Winwick Road

Why bother with the speed camera? Have you ever gone above 20mph?

Warrington Guardian: Wineick Road works are set to ease traffic woes

Sankey Way

Get there before 8am or get ready to sit in a queue – for a long time

Warrington Guardian: Road traffic congestion

Thelwall Viaduct

If there aren’t roadworks, there are wind related speed restrictions. And if it is closed, just get the sleeping bag out in the office because you won’t be going anywhere fast

Warrington Guardian: Roadworks set for Thelwall Viaduct

Hall Street, Howley

Helpful to put up a 20mph zone – but is it really possible to achieve that speed in the 50 metres before you reach that gate and brick wall?

Warrington Guardian:

Wilderspool Causeway, Chester Road and Knutford Road – and probably more

Alright most of the time, but not on the hundreds occasions each year when the swing bridges open. Turn off the engine, open that chocolate bar you keep in the glove box and relax. Or if you are lucky, do a seven point turn, get out of the jam and go over the Cantilever

Warrington Guardian: Our top 10 solutions to dealing with the swing bridge problem in Warrington

Higher Lane, Shaws Avenue, Ellison Street, Station Road – or frankly any other street you can think of

You guessed it, pot holes. And you can guarantee the week after they get filled in, another company will come along to repair the gas, electricity, sewers....

Warrington Guardian:

Hawleys Lane

In fairness, it has been fixed now. But go under the railway bridge on a rainy day in the past and you risked your car getting very wet
Warrington Guardian: Hawleys Lane in Dallam was under water

Take your pick of roads in Great Sankey
You’re trying to get from A to B but you’re feeling dizzy after navigating your way around endless roundabouts

Warrington Guardian:


Manchester Road 

A parked car or queuing traffic? Everyone's favourite game on this road

Warrington Guardian: Depressingly familiar sight – traffic jammed up on an Essex road. Submitted picture