A COURT has heard a driver accused of driving dangerously and killing a Padgate teen did not see him.

Gareth David Owen Jones, aged 23, from Widnes, denies causing the death of Jack Bellis, aged 19, by dangerous driving.

Witness Luke Jackson said Jones, who was soldier in the army, had been slowing down when he hit Mr Bellis near to Domino Court in Runcorn.

Chester Crown Court heard today, Wednesday, how the witness, who knew both Mr Bellis and Jones from previous 'car cruise meetings', saw Jones cross into the centre of the road as if he was going to park on the other side of the road.

He then changed his mind and began to turn left before hitting Mr Bellis.

The witness, who immediately ran over to Mr Bellis, said Jones got out of the car in a state of shock, saying 'I didn't see him'.

It was clear Jones had been slowing down as he could see the brake lights, said the witness, but disagreed that Jones had been indicating.

The defence team also argued that there had been small impressions in the road which had caused the bike problems.

Christine Tolson, who was in the car with Jones at the time of the crash, said Mr Bellis had completed two laps before deciding to go home.

He had not been racing other cars but was simply ‘showing off’, she said.

Ms Tolson was not aware that Mr Bellis was driving behind the car on his motor bike until he drove into the back rear door of Jones' car. 

“I had never seen Gareth race before or driver irresponsibly,” said the 19-year-old.

Before the crash, Ms Tolson said a number of cars had been racing up and down the road, which had a 40 mph speed limit. 

The court heard how Jones was breathalysed at the scene but the test came back negative.

Jones has also pleaded not guilty to an alternative count of causing death by careless or inconsiderate driving.

The trial continues.