A RUNNER is pulling on their trainers for a cause close to her heart after recovering from a broken ankle.

Hayley Wilkinson will tackle the Wilmslow Half Marathon on Sunday to help raise money for a foundation helping people including her boyfriend Ben’s mum with the condition Mal de Debarquement Syndrome.

Jane Houghton, from Appleton, was diagnosed in 2002 after more than a year searching for what caused her to suffer from a constant swaying sensation.

Hayley, of Shepperton Close, Appleton, said: “People don’t know she has it because to look at her she is perfectly fine but Jane is good at dealing with it. “I have seen how it has affected Jane and more people are becoming aware of it.

“There is no cure but she has never given up, she is a very strong woman.”

It is not the first time she has tackled a half marathon for the Mal de Debarquement Syndrome Foundation as Hayley, aged 25, also ran the English Half Marathon.

“I did it in 2011 and then I broke my ankle so I was out for a year because I had also done some damage to the ligaments as well,” added Hayley. “I though now is the best time to get back into running.

“My ankle still gives me a bit of trouble every now and then but I have eased myself into training and bought a good pair of trainers.”

The first steps into research in the condition are being taken in America and that has prompted Hayley to raise money to go towards that work.

She said: “I wanted to raise more money this time. We raised $1,000 last time but I still have quite a few people who will help push through the $1,000 mark this time.

“The foundation is based in America but Jane is a fundamental part of the group as she does all the UK help for people. Most research is also carried out in America.

“So what we do I have a Firstgiving page in dollars. You can still donate in pounds and it converts it to dollars.”

To donate visit firstgiving.com/fundraiser/hayleywilkinson/waterswilmslowhalfmarathon.