CHESHIRE cats will not be grinning after Padgate residents said they do not want to wake up every morning to see a ‘huge cat’.

Cats Protection’s plans for advertising boards at its Elizabeth Drive base have been thrown out.

The charity wanted a 1.85m by 3.6m picture of a ginger cat sprawled out above the door to welcome visitors and a 1.5m by 2.53m logo on the side of the building.

But the plans have not left residents in the cul-de-sac feline good as the entrance sign would be just 25m from the nearest home.

Resident Helen Bradshaw said the signs would damage the character of the area and be an over-development of the site.

Clr Colin Froggatt, ward councillor for Poulton South, added: “Why would they want these big signs when there is no passing traffic and no passing trade?

“The only people it will draw the attention of is the neighbours. They would get up every morning to see this huge cat.

“They’re of no use for advertising. They might as well put them in the cellar. They would have the same effect.”

Cats Protection’s proposal also gave Warrington Borough Council’s development control committee paws for thought.

Clr Sheila Woodyatt said: “Just looking at this cat, it’s a lovely creature but it’s a cattery for goodness sake.

“People don’t need a sign to know where it is. It’s huge, over the top and totally unnecessary.”

Clr Tony McCarthy, chairman of the development control committee, added: “I’m at a loss how this would help the charity.

“It’s a cul-de-sac. The only people with a reason to go down there would be residents or people already looking for the cattery.”

The committee refused the plans for the entrance sign and logo on the side of the building but approved another proposal for a 1m by 2m banner on the existing fencing.