COUNCIL officers were in the dark about what was happening at Culcheth Sixth Form before governors announced plans for its closure, says Warrington North MP Helen Jones.

Information revealed in a Freedom of Information request by Clr Chris Vobe (Culcheth, Glazebury and Croft - LAB) shows that officers were unaware of what action governors were being taken to sustain the sixth form.

In an email from the executive director of families and wellbeing Kath O’Dwyer to the operational director for children and young people’s universal services Sarah Callaghan and service manager, 11 to 19 attainment division, Jacky Forster on January 21, she enquired about ‘a quick process’ to consider the governors’ actions.

Clr Vobe said: “The emails disclosed to me by Warrington Council are staggering in their blunt revelation of the fact that officers were totally unaware of what actions had been taken to promote and sustain Culcheth Sixth Form in recent years.

“It boils down to the fact that officers have woefully taken their eye off the ball, and have let down students across my ward.”