A BIRCHWOOD couple are hoping other groups will learn vital first aid skills after their training saved a man’s life at the weekend.

Barry and Erica Collins, from Birchwood, said they did not hesitate to help the collapsed railway worker, who died twice in front of them, at Kings Cross Station in London on Saturday.

Former police inspector Barry, who has previously also saved the life of a two-year-old girl who fell into the deep end of the pool on holiday in Majorca, added they were delighted to hear later that evening the man was sitting up in his hospital bed and smiling after their efforts.

Barry, aged 66, said: “We had been walking in a different direction to the way we were supposed to be going as Erica wanted to see the new roof at the station when this man suddenly dropped down in front of us.

“I was so proud of Erica as she started performing mouth-to-mouth straight away after we found he wasn’t breathing while I helped with CPR.

“We brought him back to life before he died on us again and we had to bring him around again before the paramedics arrived 10 minutes later.

“My son Andrew was laughing as he’s a first responder for St John’s Ambulance and said to me he’s in the job and hasn’t saved a life yet while I’ve saved two.”

Barry, who has just been appointed as the Lions Clubs International district governor elect for North West England, and his wife of 25 years Erica were on their way to celebrate United Nations Day with the Palace of Westminster Lions Club but said they ‘cleaned up well’ following the incident.

The granddad-of-four, who had previously arranged for first aid training at Birchwood Lions where he is a member, said: “You never know when first aid can come in handy.

“As a group we arrange a lot of events and we wanted to look after the public that attended them and essential first aid can be learned in a day.”