SMOKERS in the town were encouraged to stub out cigarettes for good on Wednesday for national No Smoking Day.

LiveWire and Warrington Borough Council supported the campaign spearheaded by British Heart Foundation to inspire Warrington’s 13 per cent of smokers to win the fight against fags.

LiveWire held three stop smoking sessions on the day and spoke to more than 40 people at Stockton Heath Heath Medical Centre, Orford Community Hub and Orford Jubilee Neighbourhood Hub, 37 people also attended drop-in sessions and a ‘Stop smoking advisor’ spent a day at The Orchard Children’s Centre, where 11 people committed to promote a smoke free home.

Linda Rainford, LiveWire’s Stop Smoking Advisor, said: “We know that quitting isn’t easy but we want to reassure smokers that support is available to them and show them they can win the battle against cigarettes and achieve a healthier and wealthier smoke-free life.”