It was a disappointing blow for one Labour councillor after she failed to be reselected for the Westbrook ward. 

Clr Jan Davidson (Westbrook – LAB) says she is ‘sad and disappointed’ after she was not reselected to stand for the seat in the next election at a meeting on Saturday.

Clr Davidson, who has stood as a councillor for Westbrook since a vote in 2011, said: “Everything I did as a councillor I did for the right reasons. I know that I have worked hard and done my best to represent their views.”

The veteran Labour member has previously represented the ward of Orford and Sankey South and was also deputy Mayor of Warrington in 2004.

Westbrook resident of 25 years, Linda Ollerton was selected to stand for the seat in the May elections for Labour. 

The mum of two, who has been a nurse for more than 45 years, said: “I feel that I have the enthusiasm, local knowledge and awareness of the issues facing the Westbrook area.

“One of the main issues at this time is the expansion of the local population and I would like to help develop local services.”