STRANGE assumptions have been made about Latchford author Emily Chriscoli since she started writing a series of novels inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey.

The 23-year-old came up with the idea for her Victory trilogy after reading E. L. James’s erotic fiction on holiday in Egypt.

“To be honest I was a bit bored,” said Emily.

“The sex stuff in it was boring because it was constant. It just went on and on. There was sex on every page.

“It felt like the storyline could have been done in one book rather than three.”

So Emily started penning her own Warrington version.

The first book Vee for Victory claimed top spot on Amazon’s most downloaded books just before Christmas while the sequel Ivy League recently shot to number two.

But the former Priestley College student told Weekend that life has not been the same as readers have been making assumptions about her love life ever since.

The Victory series is about a young married mum-of-three called Cait whose life is turned upside down after having an affair with a woman.

Emily, whose mum Angela proof reads her books, said: “Everyone says to me: ‘Who is she? Is she you?’ “Some people think that I’m a lesbian or that I want to be a lesbian. People actually ask me that at work.

“Some of the girls at work don’t get it but the boys are really interested in it – a bit too much. But it’s not personal experiences. It’s not my life.”

The St Mary’s Street resident, who has banned her dad Nick from reading the novels, added: “Then there are those that think if I’m writing about naughty stuff I must be up to naughty things.

“A man in Texas said: ‘If I offered you $1,000 would you fly over and read the book naked?’ People do just make assumptions.

“But some people now confide in me. This girl contacted me and said: ‘I’m having an affair with a woman and I’m married and have kids. I feel like you’re writing about my life’.”

Despite the Warrington setting, the novels have gone on to sell well in Australia, America and particularly France.

But not everyone is a fan.

Emily said: “A really religious group contacted me on Twitter and criticised me. I just deleted it.”

The call centre worker’s love of fiction began long before Fifty Shades of Grey though.

Some of her lessons at Our Lady’s Primary School were held in the library and she used to grab books when the teacher was not looking.

Her favourite childhood authors were Jacqueline Wilson and Roald Dahl.

Emily’s mum used to read to her and sisters Rachel and Louise and now does the same for her five grandchildren.

Then when she was in Year Five, she won a competition to finish a story that Roald Dahl was working on when he died.

Emily is now working on the final installment of the Victory saga which is due out in the summer But reading her own work still makes her blush.

“I do get embarrassed,” added Emily.

“I did a video reading of it the other day and I went so red. I don’t know why, I wrote the words.”

The author is currently balancing work, writing and studies at the Manchester School of Acting.

She is writing a new play called The Call Centre based on her experiences working in Birchwood after the success of her previous controversial play, A Walk In The Park.

- Vee For Victory and Ivy League are available to buy as digital books at