SOME of the oldest buildings at Warrington Hospital could soon be knocked down under new plans to ‘modernise’ the site.

Health chiefs have been in talks with Kier Construction to develop ideas including the possibility of the old Kendrick Wing building being demolished.

Dating from the late 1800s, the wing is largely used for administration staff, breast screening and ophthalmology clinical areas.

Bosses hope to relocate the services into ‘more appropriate environments’ with the old Kendrick site being used as additional car parking.

Mel Pickup, chief executive, said: “We’re looking closely at the options we have to move out of the Kendrick Wing.

“It’s the oldest building on the site, it isn’t economical to run for administrative use and it doesn’t offer the patients who use the clinical services based in it the kind of experiences we would want to have as a provider of modern healthcare services.

“The cost savings from using more energy efficient buildings that require far less maintenance will help pay for investment in new developments to ensure that we can provide even better facilities at the hospital for the long term.”