A COUPLE who have faced torment from a neighbour say they hope a restraining order will make a difference.

Jonathan Buckley, aged 56, of St Benedict’s Close, was sentenced on Thursday for a second assault on David Nock.

Speaking afterwards Mr Nock said: “He has been a nuisance for two years.

“Me and my partner work full time and yet sometimes we have been up until 4am waiting for the police to come.

“I hope the restraining order will make a difference as it’s something we can have in case there are problems again.

“I feel like we were let down at first but I think the magistrate understood what we had been going through.”

Halton Magistrates Court heard on Thursday how on New Years Eve Mr Nock returned home from work and saw Buckley stood at his door, next to the couple’s own home.

Lionel Cope, prosecuting, said: “Buckley said ‘come round the back and fight me’ and he swung his stick in a whipping action.”

Mr Nock ignored the comments and went into his property but later could hear smashing and screaming coming from next door.

The following morning Mr Nock’s partner started filming Buckley who was at their front door before shouting ‘he’s trying to get in’.

Mr Cope added: “Mr Nock saw Buckley in the hallway and Buckley shouted ‘I’ll knock you out’.”




Buckley went after Mr Nock and at one point hit him to the side of the head, causing him to fall to the floor before finally leaving.

Afterwards the defendant said he suffered short term memory loss so could not remember whether he was arrested.

The court heard how it was not the first time Buckley had attacked Mr Nock and had a previous conviction for assault last year.

Sentencing him District Judge Bridget Knight said: “It’s unappealing when you say you do not remember much of this.

“This behaviour is generally when you have had too much to drink.”

Buckley was handed a supervision order for 12 months with an alcohol programme and ordered to pay £100 compensation, £60 in a victim surcharge and £85 costs.