PROPOSING with a Haribo ring may not be the usual convention but this pair of brides now can not wait to walk down the aisle.

Steph Llewellyn and Rosie Peplow already had plans for a civil partnership in May but after the law changed, the happy couple are now excited to be one of the first same sex couples in the town to legally wed.

The Sankey Bridges pair met after Steph, aged 29, offered Rosie, who will be getting married on her 30th birthday, a lift home from work at a nursing home in Latchford even though it was nowhere near her house.

Rosie, who works as a nurse in the town, added: “We have been inseparable ever since.

“My mum is just happy that I’m with someone who loves me so much.”

Care assistant Steph asked for Rosie’s hand with a Love Actually-style proposal on Christmas Day 2012 holding up cards telling Rosie how she felt in scenes similar to the film.

She added: “I always knew I wanted to be the one to propose and I’m better at writing down how I feel rather than saying it.

“Rosie had just come in from a 12 hour shift and I put Michael Buble on in the background.

“I couldn’t get the right size for the ring I wanted and had to order it so the woman in the shop suggested I put a Haribo ring in the box and I was laughing afterwards that Rosie had actually put it on.”

On the big day at Lymm Hotel, Rosie says she will be the one walking down the aisle as she is ‘naturally more girly’ whereas Steph admits she has never worn a dress in her life and will be wearing a suit for the wedding.

Steph, who said she knew throughout high school she was gay and told her parents on her 18th birthday, added she believes ‘it is about time’ same sex couples are recognised in the same way as other married couples.

She added: “We’re a down to earth couple who work like everyone else and do all the things other couples do.

“I think the older generation have difficulty understanding it and don’t like change but we respect that.

“We’re just really looking forward now to holidays and having children one day and other normal stuff.”

WE put this pair of lovebird’s relationship to the test with our Mrs and Mrs quiz: Q: Who is most likely to do the washing up?

A: Both answered Q: Who is most likely to deal with a spider?

A: Both answered Steph Q: At a dinner party, who is most likely to make the other guests laugh?

A: Both answered each other Q: Who was her first celebrity crush?

A: Steph correctly guessed Mark Owen for Rosie and Rosie correctly said Chas from Emmerdale for Steph Q: If she could have a super power, what would it be?

A: Steph incorrectly said flying for Rosie and Rosie correctly guessed invisibility for Steph Our verdict: This couple may not know their partner’s preferred super power or who is the funniest but we think they are going to be very happy together.