AFTER setting their sights onto each other in 1961, an Orford couple tied the knot three years later – 50 years on their hearts remain locked.

Kenneth, aged 74, and Gillian, aged 71, of Boyle Avenue have remained in each other’s arms through a relationship which has grown stronger day-by-day since wedding on March 7.

Speaking of her other half, Gillian said: “Since meeting him before marriage, he has been a great man. He really is an amazing person and it has been a great 50 years.

“We have had a lot of great times together so far.”

The couple are looking forward to the arrival of the big date but stated their desire to celebrate with the ones closest to them, including their son, daughter and grandson.

Gillian added: “It is a big day and we will be celebrating but it’s important for us to celebrate it with those closest to us – our friends and family.”

The soul mates will be honouring their momentous day at the Rylands Recreation Club – just minutes from where the inseparable couple have shared their lives since the big day at a registrar.