THE Jeremy Kyle Show is renowned for its hard-nosed approach to tackling issues surrounding disputes over paternity and for depicting some of the country’s most dysfunctional families and relationships.

But behind the child-like bickering, savage insults and unbelievable tales that even Coronation Street bosses would describe as a little far-fetched, is a team of scientist based in Warrington who work through the night to test the DNA samples from guests on the hit ITV One show.

Alpha Biolabs, based in Webster Court in the Carina Park, have been providing DNA results for the programme since the company opened in 2004.

Managing director David Thomas said: “We get the DNA from the show two nights a week. They arrive by taxi at 4am and we have the results by 10am. It’s quick turn around.”

The delivery of the DNA results by Jeremy Kyle can act as peace of mind to its guests or can be the catalyst to a verbal showdown where expletives are not in short supply.

But one thing is certain, the guests will finally know the truth of the paternity with thanks to the team of scientists at Alpha Biolabs.

“It’s as accurate as you are ever going to get,” said David, who has a bio-medical science degree from Liverpool John Moores University and prides himself on having the fastest turnaround times on the market.

The company also provide paternity testing to the public for £169, with the results delivered the next day.

“We are the world’s first DNA test to offer next day testing as standard,” said David. “With other companies you would pay through the roof for this.”

The laboratory also has specialist facilities to provide alcohol and drug abuse testing.

Head of laboratory and toxicology Sylvain Denieul can provide information on which drugs have been consumed as well as information on the quantity consumed.

He added: “The chemicals from the drugs enter into your blood and into the hair follicles and remain in your hair while it grows.

“Your hair grows about one centimetre every month so if you have long hair we could potentially look if any drugs or alcohol have been consumed for over a year.”

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How DNA testing works: The DNA testing begins with a swab from the guest which is put through a polymerase chain reaction. This enables the researchers to produce millions of copies of a specific DNA sequence.

The amplified DNA is then put into a sequencer which - in basic terms - analyses the DNA.

The scientists test 24 genetic markers and the size of the markers is compared between an alleged father and a child.