THE family of an unarmed man who was shot dead by police in Culcheth have described their ‘heartbreaking loss’ on the second anniversary of Anthony Grainger’s death.

The 36-year-old Bolton man died from a single shot fired by a police officer on March 3, 2012.

Marina and John Schofield, the mother and stepfather of Anthony Grainger, said two years on, they ‘know little more’ than they did on the day Anthony was shot.

A statement read: “The last two years have been a terrible ordeal for Anthony’s family.

“Not only have they had the heart-breaking loss of Anthony but they have also had to contend with the frustrations and delays of the legal process.

“The role of the IPCC must be seriously called into question.

“There have been repeated delays in the finalisation and disclosure of the IPCC report and in maintaining its integrity once disclosed.

“The family remain bemused at the CPS’s decision not to charge the officer that shot Anthony with murder.

“They will continue to look at the possibility of judicially reviewing that decision...and remain absolutely determined to ensure that the true facts leading up to Anthony’s killing will be made public and that those responsible will face justice.”