A RISLEY prisoner who was caught with a mobile phone has been handed a 12-week jail term.

Aaron Arthurs, who has since been transferred to Forest Green Prison in Manchester, was caught out by prison officers.

Halton Magistrates Court heard on Thursday how a detector showed there was a mobile phone signal coming from Arthurs’ cell at 9pm on December 20.

When officers opened the door they saw the 30-year-old try to hide something underneath the bed - which turned out to be the phone.

Arthurs was in prison after being recalled from licence for a 32-month sentence he received for having ammunition without a certificate.

The court heard how Arthurs had borrowed the phone from another prisoner and had done it on a number of occasions previously.

He would get family to top up credit on the mobile as a thank you and had planned to use the phone to contact family.

Arthurs had his privileges removed after being caught with the item.