POLICE have shut down a house run by ‘neighbours from hell’ after a six month campaign of misery against residents.

The address at 31 Sycamore Crescent, Rixton, has been boarded up by officers from Cheshire Police after numerous complaints from neighbours.

Tenant Leah Holzman, aged 20, has been evicted, after the closure notice was approved at Halton Magistrates Court last week.

Residents on the usually quiet street say lives were ‘made a misery’ by Ms Holzman and her visitors.

She hosted late night parties with pounding music, with rubbish, cigarette ends and empty bottles dumped in the garden.

Neighbours even claimed boxer shorts smeared with human excrement were thrown from windows and said they were scared to leave their homes.

They also said youths would run away from taxis without paying and hide in the flat; be abusive to anyone who complained; and run through gardens.

Other people on the street called the noise ‘horrendous’, and upped security with locks and posters warning of CCTV.

Residents said they had been forced to get sleeping tablets from the doctors, and ‘bulk buy’ ear plugs, as they had not been able to sleep properly for months.

Ms Holzman and associates were also said to laugh and joke after visits from housing officers and police.

Wren Allen, aged 33, lives on Sycamore Crescent. She said: “You never saw the police until she moved in here, then they were around all the time.

“There were lots of people going to the flat that don’t live around here and they made so much noise, it was awful.”

Police said that crime had also gone up in the area with bike thefts and shed break-ins reported.

Sgt Darren Burns is from Warrington East NPU, which covers Rixton, Poulton, Birchwood, Padgate, Woolston, Culcheth, Glazebury and Croft, He said: “The female resident allowed people to meet there at all hours, play loud music and cause a disturbance to neighbours.”

Warrington Borough Council’s environmental health team installed equipment that registered 50 incidents of unacceptable noise in a matter of days.

Residents were also told to keep anti-social behaviour diaries.

The problem property is owned by Golden Gates Housing Trust.

It will remain closed for three months.