THE doors to Wooston Sixth Form have finally opened with Green Lane School head teacher announcing the new complex ‘as one of the first of its kind in the country’.

The new sixth form aims to meet the needs of the most vulnerable youngsters in the area.

The centre, for pupils aged 16 to 19, is part of the first phrase of Woolston Learning Village development, an £8million site for children with special educational needs.

The site will be the new home to pupils from Green Lane Special School in Padgate and Foxwood Special School in Birchwood.

Paul King, who has been the head teacher at Green Lane School for 14 years, said both himself Foxwood head teacher Karen Nicholls, who will work together to run the sixth form, have big aspirations for the future of the new learning village.

He said: “This project has been a long time coming but it is part of a bigger vision.

“We are already looking at how we can provide support for students up to the age of 25. There are plans to get involved with charities to help students develop social enterprise skills.

“We also hope to be able to provide support for children in mainstream schools too.”

The sixth form has six classrooms for around 50 pupils with fitted kitchens to help students build key skills and help them reach their full potential.

“It’s like a stepping stone to independence. By letting them make their own snacks it will teach them how to be independent,” said Mr King.

A food technology studio and three nursing stations have also be built, which will act as a refuge for pupils who need to take time out from the classroom.

Pupils aged four to 16 from the two schools will move into the new facilities in September, which will be constructed to meet both the education and health needs of students.

A purpose built hydrotherapy pool and sports facilities will also open in September and will be available to the wider community.