EXTREME sports fans can get the ultimate adrenaline rush when a new skate park opens its doors next month.

Ramp1 is set to become one of the biggest indoor skate parks in Europe, with seven different zones filled with high-octane ramps to keep skate and BMX aficionados entertained.

And the centre, based in a former warehouse on Old Liverpool Road, will also offer something unique compared to all other skateparks in the country with an air bag which offers experienced riders the chance to practice daring air tricks with a soft landing.

Duty manager Keith Cottier said: “It’s to teach kids how to jump without injuring themselves.

“When you land in the bag everything is on camera you can find out where you went wrong or right, it’s so they learn how to get it right safely.”

And once you have assessed your trick on the cameras the centre offers you the chance to stream your video online.

The 50,000 sq ft venue includes seven different riding zones that includes a 112ft bowl, 40ft tunnel and a street section featuring a Las Vegas backdrop which has rails and stairs for those looking to practice their street tricks.

“FouroneFour, the skate park builders, are the best, and the plans started big and got bigger as they went on,” added Keith. “They build and ride so they constantly make it to to how they want to ride.

“We started work on the site in November and we are opening on March 18.”

Younger children are also catered for with an uner 10s ramp section and a wrist band entry scheme means all personal and medical information is stored on the band with plans to use the bands as payment system by topping up membership accounts.

The skate park, which has cost more than £1 million to fit out will also create 50 jobs for the town through coaching, supervision and catering staff along with sales and repairs staff.

And the aim of the centre is also to offer young people an alternative place to go.

Keith said: “Warrington’s not got a lot to offer children and it will sort of be a youth centre too, we are really keen to work with groups from the town and make it very affordable.”

To find out more visit ramp1.co.uk.