TWO women returned to Warrington Hospital’s neonatal unit to give something back to the ward that regularly helps bring bundles of joy into the world.

Kathryn Walker, manager of Birchwood tots group Oakwood Acorns, and Charlotte Haworth completed an eventful 36.2 miles along the Sandstone Trail sidestepping bulls and finding their way through cornfields to raise £410 for the department.

Kathryn, from Birchwood, said she was moved to do something after the help and support her auntie received during the unexpected birth of her daughter Victoria at 26 weeks weighing 2lb 2oz.

Kathryn added: “When Victoria arrived home two weeks before her actual due date my auntie Carole and uncle David were extremely nervous and excited about their miracle baby.

“Now at the age of 23, Victoria who we thought would never see grow to such an age, has graduated from university and continues to make us all proud and thankful to all staff members and support groups who have helped through the years.

“Our family try to raise cash for the ward every year as it was such a miracle for a baby to survive being born so early in those days and we hope the funds raised from our sponsored walk will help families who use the unit in the future.”

Charlotte’s daughter Rebecca was born eight weeks prematurely and spent the first month of her life being cared for in Salford Royal neonatal unit after catching swine flu.

As the unit has now closed, Charlotte, aged 33 decided to raise cash for the Warrington department instead.

The Birchwood mum added: “I have met some mums through a group whose children were in Warrington neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)so I’m aware of how much impact the department has on these families’ lives.

“It’s a scary time for parents but the staff were fantastic.

“NICU taught me how to care for my daughter but even more valuable than that, they supported me through a very personal, traumatic birthing experience and provided a listening ear.

“I wanted to help other children get a good start in life like Rebecca had.”