MANY may have worried Pharrell Williams’ famous hat would have obscured family and friends’ view of them dancing at the Brits.

But former Great Sankey High pupil Lauren Fitzpatrick did not need to fear as she performed alongside the trend-setting chart topper and Nile Rodgers at the awards ceremony last Wednesday.

The 20-year-old Northern Soul dancer, who has come second two years in a row in competitions in Blackpool, was picked out after sending in a video of herself dancing.

Lauren added: “I couldn’t believe it until I was actually on stage.

“Pharrell was amazing and so professional.

“I showed him a few dance moves and he was really cool.

“My friend managed to knock his hat off during a spin but he laughed about it.

“Afterwards I had lots of messages from old school friends who had seen me on TV but I had to keep it secret beforehand.”

Mum Carol added she was very proud.