PATIENTS at Sankey Medical Centre have said they do not know how they are going to cope once the surgery moves 4.5 miles away to Orford Jubilee Park.

As reported last week, a dispute between the owners of the building on Barrowhall Lane and the current GP practice has meant the surgery will close on February 28.

More than 6,000 patients are being transferred to the Park View surgery off Winwick Road but many upset families have contacted the Warrington Guardian with concerns over the move.

A mum-of-five from Great Sankey said: “I don’t drive because of a number of health problems and honestly don’t know how we are going to get to the doctors in the future.

“I am appalled at why this has happened.

“There must be something done here to protect the vulnerable people of Great Sankey.”

Dr Arun Choudhury, a consultant forensic psychiatrist from Callands, echoed the thoughts of many readers commenting on our website after he suggested another doctor should take over the surgery.

He added: “The present site is purpose built with a very efficient and popular chemist located at the premises.

“If for any personal or other reason the present provider of medical care is unable or deemed unsuitable to continue to deliver the service then would it be too difficult for the authorities to find another dedicated doctor to continue to provide this essential, convenient, popular and indispensable primary health care form this site.”

Medicx Pharmacy has however moved to ease concerns over whether the change would also lead to the closure of the neighbouring chemist.

Steve Jeffers, CEO of Medicx Pharmacy, said: “It is a great shame that the dispute over the medical centre building between the current owners and the current GP practice has reached such an impasse.

“It is not too late for both sets of GPs and NHS England to reach a compromise agreement that would be of great benefit to the worried patients of Great Sankey and keep the medical practice open.”

He added it will be ‘business as usual’ and staff can collect repeat prescriptions from the Orford hub on patients’ behalf which can then either be picked up from the Great Sankey pharmacy or delivered to their home.

Call 726907 or pop into the pharmacy on Barrowhall Lane for more details.

Whittle Hall councillor Faisal Rashid added he was shocked to hear the news and would be calling an urgent meeting to discuss the problem.

An NHS England spokesman said they were working to ease concerns.