GALE force winds have caused road closures, fallen trees and train stations closures across Warrington this evening.

Winds of more than 70 mph have battered the town this afternoon causing widespread travel problems.

  • The Thelwall Viaduct was closed to traffic from 4.15pm which saw traffic diverted from the M6 from junction 19 to junction 21a.
  • Warrington Central station closed firstly to Liverpool bound trains before all trains were ordered not to stop at the station for emergency repairs to glass in the roof which smashed.
  • A tree fell down on a school bus on London Road, Stockton Heath. There were no pupils on board at the time, but the driver did suffer minor injuries.
  • Trees also fell on Cherry Lane, Stockport Road and Eagle Brow causing road closures and delays.
  • Virgin Trains are advising all passengers not to travel although many are stranded along the West Coast Mainline due to trees and debris along the track.

Cheshire Police also reported a surge in calls to report storm damage and urged people not to use 999 unless urgent and instead asked residents to use 101.

Motorists talked of long tailbacks on roads across the borough as motorway closures in the area saw an influx of traffic on to main roads in Warrington.