A SECOND-hand Christian bookshop has now sent more than 22 million books to lesser developed countries around the globe.

Book Aid, based on Bridge Street in the town centre, has established three other stores across the country since its formation in 1987.

However, regular customers come from as far as New Zealand and America to secure many hard-to-find books for themselves and their churches.

The charity was formed at a time when economic crises and foreign currency restrictions were rife, leading to an all time low of Christian books labelled a ‘book famine’.

Run purely by volunteers and only accepting donations, Book Aid uses all money raised on shipping costs to some of the world’s poorest countries.

The Warrington branch, consisting of three floors, is estimated to house up to 13,000 books at any given time on a range of genres as well as religion.

Any books that remain unsold are shipped in large containers, 306 of which have been sent to date – averaging almost one container containing up to 75,000 books every month.

Book Aid has so far donated books to 18 different countries, with the most popular destinations including Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda and India.

When the books reach their destination they are sold at affordable prices by Christian bookshops and churches. The money raised is used to enhance and develop local literature initiatives and support Christian ministries.

Book Aid is open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 10am until 4pm. For more information, call 636944.