A CAMPAIGN to crackdown on fare dodgers in Cheshire has been launched by Northern Rail.

Last year, more than hundred people were caught travelling without a valid ticket from Warrington Central and Birchwood, all of which have staffed ticket offices where customers can buy a ticket before they board the train.

Alex Hynes, managing director of Northern Rail, said: “We hear all sorts of excuses from passengers as to why they don’t have a ticket such as they don’t have any money or a conductor did not come down the train and sell them one.

“It’s the passenger’s responsibility to buy a ticket, so they must seek out the conductor to get one or if that is not possible, then buy a ticket at their destination station.”

Fare evasion continues to be a huge issue for the rail industry, costing £240million per year.

Check out the campaign at northernrail.org/getaticket.