A CHILD sex exploitation campaign has been launched to help safeguard youngsters in Cheshire.

Schools in Warrington will be working with parents and children to raise awareness of the issue and to help give those who have been affected the confidence to come forward.

The campaign will also provide information about where support is available as well creating a wider debate on the issue.

DCI Nigel Wenham said: “Ensuring young people are familiar with the signs of child sexual exploitation will help them to make positive decisions about relationships, and warn them about relationships with people who may want to manipulate and control them in order to sexually exploit them.

“If child sexual exploitation can be talked about openly in the home, at school, with friends, with family and those charged with caring for young people then they will be able to trust those people around them and be able to break free by seeking the vital help they need.

“Both children and their parents are being urged to visit the website knowandsee.co.uk. On the site there are profiles of three young people who have been sexually exploited.

“Their stories really bring home the trauma of child sexual exploitation and explain the signs to look for if a child is being exploited.”